Cannot Access My Clips

I’m using Windows 10, chrome browser. I can’t access the clips I want to use. Whether I click the “Open file” or the clips entry, it always shows my clips are gone. But when I access from My PC, it shows everything. But I can’t get it to come up when I access from Shotcut.

What kind of files are they ? .mp4, .avi, .jpg .gif ?
The only reason I can see why Shotcut shows an empty folder is because the files in it are not supported (by Shotcut). But on the other hand, Shotcut supports a LOT of types of files… I bet it would import a paper document from a box in my basement if I ask. So I don’t know…

EDIT: Try dragging one of the files from your Windows folder to the Playlist section of Shotcut

Shotcut looks for the files in the location they were originally in when you created the project.
If, subsequently, there was any change in the location of those files, or any reordering (such as renaming).
Shotcut will not automatically find those files.
Did a window appear in Shotcut indicating that Shotcut could not find those files?

There is no such thing as that. Not in Shotcut UI and not in general computer terminology.

“Open file”

Now, that is understandable. Do not assume that they will be in the folder the file dialog opens to. You might to navigate to the folder where the clips are.

But when I access from My PC, it shows everything.

Then, you can probably drag from where you are seeing them into Shotcut. You might need to open Shotcut first.

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