Can you set image lenghts automatically?

Hello! I’ve been trying to make a fast timelapse with a bunch of images, but every image is 4 seconds long. This is really annoying because I first have to export it, which takes around 20 minutes, then I have to close Shotcut and reopen it, then I have to load the video and then speed it up. I’m just wondering if there is a setting to shorten the image lengths. If there’s not, what are some other ways? Thanks!

You want to use an image sequence for this. Open the first image, choose Properties, and click the Image Sequence checkbox.

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To do what you want to do, the image sequence is the easiest way indeed.

But to answer your question:

The image we import is set by default to a length of 4 seconds.
You can change this default duration.

  1. Drag an image in the Source viewer.
  2. Go to the Properties tab.
  3. Change the default duration and click on the Set Default button.

In the example below, I’ve change the default duration to 00:00:00:05 (5 frames) All images imported in Shotcut will now have this duration.

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To clarify, all newly added images, not ones already imported.


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