Can you set all clips in a track to use the same audio track?

I record my video clips with 3 audio tracks
Track 1: Voice and desktop
Track 2: Desktop only
Track 3: Voice only

Currently I have to scrub through my timeline and click each clip individually(for both the video track and audio track), then set the track to use.

Not only is this time consuming, it is also error prone; I use a preset gain filter for my voice track and another preset gain filter for gameplay and it would be quite jarring for the viewer if they suddenly were transposed.

Is there any way to tell shotcut to automatically use X audio track, if it exists, on a per-track basis?

The only thing you can do is edit the MLT XML in a text editor by changing the audio_index property value. Change it for the first one, save and close Shotcut, open in text editor, find the first one to get the value to use, search and replace on the others, save and close it, and open it in Shotcut.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I don’t know if that’s a standard feature in video editors, but that would be a very nice quality of life feature for shotcut as all your clips would have their audio tracks set up the same way

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