Can you help me please to get best possible export settings for youtube

Dear Team,

Problem : After exporting to youtube , the video clarity is hazzy its not clear as the original video

To stop guess work : here is the video shot on 1280x720hd video at 50fps Dropbox - gardining with riyan 4.MP4 - Simplify your life

Can you please download and help me screenshot of best shotcut export settings that would render as close technically possible to the original video …
pls see i am not looking for one time help to edit the video , i have give the link so that if you want a reference you can use it , what help i need is the screenshot of settings that i need to use or mention the settings video , codec and audio section that would render the video as close to original after editing

To clarify I am writing this to you after doing all home work i could , I went through all the previous post and and all youtube video . but the problem is same after upload to youtube my video clarity is bad . .
I followed all that people recommended lossles settings , h264 high profile settings, quality from 55 to hundred , average bit rate , constant bitrate , gop from 15 50 percent of fps to 300 . .All my hit and trail didn’t help.

Pls help to

There are at least two reasons why the YouTube video looks clear. Firstly, this video resolution is p720, which in itself is quite low. Secondly, the YouTube platform itself compresses videos quite strongly. Even if you upload a video to YouTube with the highest possible quality, it will still be recoded and compressed. To ensure that your video on YouTube does not suffer so much from compression, there is one old proven trick - upload it in 4K format (you need to create a 4K project in shotcut).

In addition, immediately after the upload to YouTube completes, it only offers a low resolution version until more resolutions, bitrates, and codecs are done. You should ensure the resolution you export from Shotcut is at least as high as the source using Settings > Video Mode (not Export > Advanced > Video > Resolution).

Did you rotate your video to make it upright? Depending on how you did that it will lose clarity. For your video, I open it, change Properties > Video > Rotation to 90. Next, choose Settings > Video Mode > Automatic. Finally, I export using the default settings and upload to YouTube. How does this compare with what you experienced? (Immediately after upload this is only 135x240 resolution even though the export is 720x1280! Now, after several minutes I see a 720p50 option in the YouTube quality selector, which is a little misleading because YouTube’s “Stats for nerds” shows “720x1280@50.”)