Can you edit a video in 720 and export in 4k?

Hello, I have an older pc so can I edit my video in 720 and export it in 4k? Also first time posting.

Yes by using proxy editing.

And make sure to combine it with Preview Scaling to avoid lag issues that will arise from adding filters in a 4K project:

Does this mean selecting 720 and switching to 4k 60 right before exporting?

Will that work

No. Click on the links I posted and read the articles.

Regardless of what I choose will export be the same?

Yes. Proxy and Preview Scaling don’t affect the exported file unless you choose to use the Preview Scaling resolution in the export.

So when I export I do not click, “use preview scaling”


Is there a difference between preview scaling and proxy?

Nevermind i see

After I export how do I delete the proxy files

In the proxy files settings, you can set it to a folder on your desktop so it’s easy to find and delete. It’s under “Storage”

I see thx for your help

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