Can you change setting of 2 shortcut key?

Hello, Firstly I thank shotcut team very much to bring us such a great cutting tool.
I love to do fast cutting job with it. For me, “Shift +I” and “Shift +O” is the most
usual key to use in fast cutting. It looks fantastic design and efficient way in fast
cutting job. I wonder to know if I can customize the shotcut key? Or can you change
their setting into “I” and “O”? Typing one key is easier if I use it in very frequent way.
Hope you could understand what I want. Thanks in advance.

I sets the In point and O sets the Outpoint. See shortcuts:

There appears to be no way to set/modify shortcuts in Shotcut.


Thanks,Ken. I knew that list. Just want to reset the key. It seems that no choice at present.

I don’t understand I and O is the shorcut to set in the original clip
Shift I & Shift O is the shorcut to cut in the timeline? I never used it, always cut it in the original part, and I do adjustments with drag &nd drop or to be precise, select the point, split “S” et suppr.

I and O keys have different behavior on Timeline based on whether shift it used. Shift makes it ripple, not shifting does not. This is mentioned on the web site article. Ripple behavior is consistently something you must choose into in Shotcut and not the default (see that Ripple button on the Timeline). So, I am not going to swap the roles of shift and unshifted I and O shortcuts, but some day there will likely be a short cut editor.