Can You Change 30 fps videos into 60fps videos?

I just really want to know before I download this app :confused:

I believe you can.

Yes you can, but I’m curious as to why you want to?

I know you can’t create extra frames from nothing (i.e. 30 to 60 fps), but when you export and add b-frames (frames in between your original frames to add smoothing?), is there any chance increasing the native frame rate could assist that? For example, add like 5 or 10 B frames instead of 2 or 3, and increase the exported fps?

If your frame rate is 30 fps, you see 30 frames in one second. If you double the frame rate 30 frames will pass by in .5 seconds. Adding a frame in between will give you 60 frames but you’ll only see 30 so nothing gained.

oh. I thought B-frames were an interpolation of 2 existing frames to create a smoother transition. Maybe I have that wrong. I did some research and it looks like what I’m thinking of might be called “tween frames”.

I’m not an expert by any means. B frames are not interpolations of two frames. They allow for better compression. They use only the changes from one frame to the next. Point I was making is that 30fps video will play back faster at 60fps (fast motion) B frames are for compression. A hand moving 1 inch from frame 2 to frame 3 which is 1/30 second, will still move only 1 inch in 1/30 of a second. B frames don’t calculate the hands position at the mid point between frames 2 and 3. Interpolation is done by key frames and refers to things like 3D animation where the software calculates positions of an object in 3D space. I see no advantage in changing a 30fps video to 60fps. If you want more fluid motion, capture at 60fps. I may not be 100% accurate here, but I think I have the concepts.

I do this with my videos. I have 60 FPS footage (Gameplay footage), but also FPS from a camera. I set the video mode to 1080p60 at the beginning and render it at that same setting.

Hey man, i wanna do exactly what you are saying. Can you guide me?
I have a 20 sec video at 30fps and i wanna make a 10 sec 60 fps video from that. Is that possible?