Can you Add or Embed a YouTube video into Shotcut?

Hi there,

I am creating a video In Shotcut and I want to Embed or link to a Youtube video(I don not own) in my video.
Can I do this?
How do I do this?

Again I am editing a video in Shotcut and and the end I want to Embed or provide a Link to a Youtube video.
I know I am able to possibly link another Youtube video in Youtube editing…but not sure if I can do this with other peoples Youtube videos?



Because it’s an ‘overlay’ which is not part of the video stream.

Anything you do in a ‘video editor’ is merged to an encoded video when you export.

If you’re uploading your video to YouTube, once done uploading, go to Video Manager. Just under your title where it says Edit, pick the drop down menu. There are two choices Cards & End Screen Annotations. There are hundreds of videos on what each one does. Both options do different actions, but both will display a link to a YouTube video of your choosing.
YouTube cards

But can I “use another persons YouTube video” at the end or attached on End screen?
I understand I can use my own but it’s getting another person video is what I want to post on the end?

Ask the owner of the video you want to use…

(Shotcut related) Nothing has to be done unless you wish to add an arrow in your video pointing to the Card or End Screen, some people do that but it’s not needed.

(Not related to Shotcut) Yes you can. It’s actually encouraged, no need to ask the owner. If someone clicks on the End Screen, or Card of a video you link, you also get the watch time minutes from that video and every video they watch on that channel of that day.