Can we please remove the "Copy Filters" Pop-Up window?

I don’t understand why this feature was added. It’s so annoying to have to constantly close it over and over again on every copy.

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I agree, though I discovered just a few days ago (through this forum) that if you enter a name, they become available as filter sets (I think–I haven’t tested it).

Maybe “copy filters” and “add as filter set” should be two different buttons, not one.

I am surprised to hear you learned about it through the forum when the dialog tells you exactly the purpose.


I will add a separate button for this, but in the meantime you can press Enter for OK or Esc for Cancel. Did you know that you do not need to copy before every paste when you are pasting to multiple clips? And if you frequently copying the same or similar things you can save time by giving it a name.


The next version 23.11 will no longer show the dialog for copy filters and adds a new button to save a filter set.