Can we continue playback when changing timeline zoom level

I only found one similar question, unanswered from 2018…

Would it be possible to allow continuous playback from the timeline while changing the timeline zoom level? As it is, increasing or decreasing the timeline zooms stops playback. This usually results in unnecessary mouse clicks when I want playback to continue.

As the poster in 2018 mentioned, other editing apps allow this, and I would find it much more friendly to workflow. I’d also appreciate being able to move the playhead while playback is in motion and have play continue. I do appreciate that we can at least scroll the playback window without it stopping play.

Using Shotcut version 20.11.28 on Windows.


I agree with this.


Yep :+1:


+1. also when zoom in / out.

This used to be the case but was changed because

commit 35f6b1d0936398b297ee4f00dab7ce81fbe0f31a
Follows: v17.10
Precedes: v17.11

Pause upon changing timeline zoom.

Sometimes zoom is slow and makes Shotcut unresponsive for a while. It is
odd behavior to have audio continue while the video and UI is not
updating. Automatically pausing avoids this ugliness until timeline
rendering performance can be improved (not obvious).

Timeline zoom performance is still an issue even though it has improved. You might not have noticed it, but it is obvious when the timeline duration is over an hour. Plenty of people still drop very long videos into timeline especially with the popularity of game recording. Consider also that continuing playback makes the zoom change even slower because even though the video is not updating in preview, it is still being rendered, which is often the heavier part.

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