Can we capture video?


Can I use shortcut to capture video? I have a vhs player plugged into my computer and looking to transfer tapes to digital. I use to do this a lot but it’s been like ten years. Can I use shortcut or do I need another program on Windows 10? If I can’t then what software should I use?


Yes, you can. Look in Open Other. After you open a capture device, Shotcut goes into monitoring mode and then you then use Export to record it. You can look for a tutorial about recording a voice over for more example.


Perhaps I misunderstood how to do this, but I tried recording a couple of videos from internet URLs.
Firstly, a program from the BBC iPlayer.
I selected Open Other > Network and entered the url given by the iPlayer. This then showed a static page for the program.
I clicked on Export, and Capture File, giving it a file name and location.
Shotcut then hangs.
Secondly, I did the same, with a Youtube clip.
This time it didn’t hang, but ran on and on, recording.
When I stopped capture and opened the saved file, it displayed the Youtube screen, but the video window just displayed “An error occurred, please try later”.
Any thoughts?


That is not supported. Only unprotected streams without a web page that FFmpeg supports will work there. Sorry, but I do not have a handy list of those but not iPlayer or YouTube.


OK, thanks.