Can These Filters Be Made Keyframable?

Mosaic, Wave, Sepia Tone, Rutt-Etra-Izer and Old Film filters (Dust, Grain, Projector, Scratches, Technicolor)?

I did mosaic. Wasn’t able to get it exactly like the one installed with Shotcut.

Wave, Sepia and the Old Film filters aren’t frei0r filters. I don’t think they can be key framed yet.

Rutt-Etra-Izer needs someone with more coding skills than I have.

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Thank you Sauron. Can we expect this keyframming available to next version of Shotcut. Are you going to pull request on GitHub ?

That is not up to me. Dan is the developer.
I put the folder containing the UI for the filter on google drive.

My thread has been closed.
I have no idea how to make a GitHub pull request.

no problem. Shotcut will add later or sooner.

I looked at adding keyframes to Mosaic, but the result is ugly because there is no sub-pixel rendering. So, it is rejected for now. I do not want to invite complaints. Rutt-Etra-Izer is doable but low priority. The other filters require changes at the engine level, which are fairly easy but again low priority.

Okay. Can sauron’s filter thread be re-opened?

I did

Actually, I have reconsidered adding keyframes to Mosaic, but @sauron’s version clobbered the defaults, minimums, and maximums. I am reverting those parts of his change. Please be careful when making changes like this. Assume care has been put into the existing details.

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Apologies for that. I could not get the values to match the existing mosaic filter. Removed the UI from google drive.

Does that fix the issue about there being no sub-pixel rendering?

No, that is not available. I had this filter confused with a different issue. On second evaluation, it is not so bad IMHO because the eye is more distracted by all the lines imposed by the effect not to mention those lines moving while being animated. If you do not like the whole pixel jump from one size to the next, then do not use keyframes.

Can Size, Depth, Tilt, Horizontal and Vertical in Text 3D be made keyframable?

Yes, but performance will take a hit when using keyframes since the 3D mesh is recreated whenever any of these values change. I welcome a contribution in this area.