Can someone help me

so, i’ve been trying to edit this clip but it appears something that I don’t know what it is

“00:00:07:09 / LIVE” why does it appear live?
like, the video is about 1 hour long, and the other videos don’t appear that so how can I fix that?

The left side is the position of the play head (timeline cursor). In this case it’s at 7 seconds, 9 frames along the timeline.

The problem is because of the “live” thing, I can’t even drag it to the timeline nor edit

I haven’t worked on hour-long material - the longest to date is about 45 minutes. Aside slowing Shotcut down, I haven’t seen any obvious faults. Walk us through what you do from the point where Shotcut has just launched, to the point where the wheels fall off.

For laughs and grins, I put together an 1:10 of repeated clips. I saved the project, closed Shotcut, launched Shotcut, opened the project, and… PNF (problem not found).

The file format and/or codecs (or the way the file was written) do not support seeking and cannot be used for editing - only playing. You have to use another tool at this time to convert it to something suitable for editing (constant frame rate, and try to preserve as much quality as possible while accounting for your free disk space).

I’ve already converted the video and it resolve the problem. Thanks!