Can Shotcut Run On Intel Celeron's Further Upgrade Known As Intel Pentium, Can It Run On Intel Pentium N3450

I Have a really low end old geezer laptop with me,

Company: HP
Model: HP 15 r250TU
Specs: CPU: Intel Pentium N3450 2.16GHZ
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 512MB
RAM: 4GB (8GB Supported)

And i edit in my android which i am now used to and want to advance it, editing i do is AMv Editing Anime Montages in short, so i really hope i get an good advice, or a suggestion

Shotcut will start and work for you, but it can be difficult when using a large number of tracks and effects. On such a weak computer, you must definitely use the proxy mode, otherwise the video editing will turn into a very unpleasant experience.

I also have a vintage laptop (Dell Inspiron, Intel Pentium T4400 2,20GHz, 4GB RAM), and Shotcut works perfect for my TV recordings editing (cut out commercials, combine several recordings into one…). Exports are completed a lot faster and final result is far better than with anything else I’ve tried. Haven’t been using it for anything complex, like creating my own videos/movies, or adding stuff to videos, like effects, music etc.