Can Shotcut change audio speed?

I have a video that only had audio tracks overdubbed with some Eastern European languages. I also have the same video recorded from a VHS tape with English audio but lousy video quality.

The video edit from both sources is identical. I want to take the audio from the VHS recording and apply it to the good video.

Where things are odd is the VHS recording has a 29.970 frame rate, but Media Info also says it’s variable between 25 and 37.037. The other version is fixed at 23.976. Runtime of the VHS copy is 1:58:30 while the other with slower frame rate is 1:57:43. The VHS copy does include a bit of pre and post roll.

What I want to be able to do is slide the audio to sync the first sentence of dialog and lock it - then go to the place in the video with the last sentence of dialog, place a mark in the video. Finally, find the last sentence spoken in the audio, mark it and stretch it to snap the two end markers together. Stretch or compress the audio length while keeping pitch and export the modified audio track. That process should also shrink/stretch between the start of the audio and locked start mark, and between the end locked mark and end of the audio.

You can adjust audio playback speed from the properties tab of an audio [A] track.

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I gave 64bit portable Shotcut a try. The video is in Xvid codec. The audio is uncompressed WAV. My computer is a six core AMD FX6100 with 8gig RAM running Windows 10 Pro x64 GPU is a nVidia 9800GT with 1 gig. (Will be getting a GTX 1050 next week with 2 gig.)

Results? Terribly disappointing. It cannot play the video at full speed. Huge amount of stuttering with both audio and video. Playing just the audio OR just the video it didn’t stutter. But together? It was like trying to edit MPEG2 in Adobe Premiere 3.5 on a Pentium III.

I see some things in the FAQ about performance. I’ll look into those tomorrow.

VirtualDub and OpenShot can play it just fine, so can AVIdemux. They have other issues that keep them from being useful for what I’m wanting to accomplish. I can try, and try and try again to tweak the audio in VirtualDub and AVIdemux, if I want to spend many hours doing repeated exports to test. Couldn’t find any way in OpenShot to alter audio speed and pitch. OpenShot was also very sluggish, constantly going to (Not Responding).

Disable any filters you have applied to the video track as you preview.
More ram will help. I have 16Gb and still get stuttering with ‘some’ edits (I also have a 6-core AMD CPU).
Also, which version of SC? There was problems with 17.09’s rendering.
Also, better to use the installed version than portable. I found 17.10 almost useless as portable version, but the installed version runs perfectly.