Can not export video in shotcut stuck export

after done edting my video and adding filters to it and time for export it is start fine but it stuck in 18% without any error msg this is the first time use shotcut but when i test it with 2 min video it work will
i use the latest version of shotcut
i am try to export 7:35 video length with just aduio file with image with rotate and scale filter

Shotcut version 20.04.12

my system
intel® core™ i5-3340M Cpu @ 2.70GHz
ram: 4GB(3.43 GB usable)

More information is needed. Export the video again. When it sticks right-click the job and have a look at the logfile, then post it in a reply. Also, post what your export parameters are? Are you using Hardware Encoding, if so switch it off and try exporting again.

Hardware Encoding i did not use it
now the program delete project progress and crush every time iam near to finish

Do you edit in HD?

@Mohamed_Zaki you can read these documents :

If you edit in HD you should have a 8GB RAM…

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