Can I upload a Shotcut project for others to inpsect?


I’m wondering what the preferred method is for uploading to this forum a small Shotcut video test project file, with it’s accompanying source video clips.

The goal is to have others who are interested to check them and perhaps offer suggestions regarding things like video mode, aspect ratio settings, export settings, filter tweaks, etc.

Could I upload a zip the contains the .mlt and the source .mp4 for example?


In spite of all the help you’ve received so far you seem to still be utterly confused. So the question is, in asking people to spend their time looking through your files and essentially doing the work for you, will you be any less befuddled than simply spending the time going through the many tutorials available and learning to operate the software by yourself? There are no learning curve shortcuts - just get your hands dirty and make every mistake everyone makes when trying something new :slight_smile:

Best to upload to Dropbox (or similar) then post the link.

I agree with @Steve_Ledger. Before you start go through the tutorials. Actually do the tutorials yourself.

Shortcut does not change any of your source video files. When you save the project file, it just saves your work in xml. When you export Shotcut creates a new video file at the settings you choose.

It may help to be a bit more clear and decisive about your goal when making a video. Are you publishing to YouTube? Is this for archiving? Video file formats you’re working with, etc.

Thanks for the ideas.

I just did a test with Dropbox, but I think I’ll not upload any Shotcut projects.
The reason is that in my tests it appears that anyone who would happen to take a look at the Shotcut project would have to go through the trouble of opening my .mlt and putting in the proper paths to the clips the project uses.

Is there a way to have a .mlt project file look in the folder the .mlt is in for the source video clips it uses?

btw, I’ll continue to check the tutorials, etc. I appreciate your ideas to just dive in and get working in Shotcut.

Also, most of what I’m doing now is intended to be put onto Youtube.

Things are getting more clear with the help from recent posts, thanks for the help.

It looks like sharing projects to view each others methods is not a common practice at this forum, so maybe I’ll just skip that. I was just wondering if there’s a common method I may have missed. But as I mentioned, the added steps required to change the paths in the .mlt probably would preclude many from looking at the project anyways. Thanks for any other ideas.

you can record screenshot of what you are doing and put it on streamable.
Many exemple here.

I see. I may try that. Thank you.

I tried Dropbox first.

I’m mostly interested in hearing about various approaches.
I can generally get the results I want now due to recent help from forum.

For anyone interested in taking a look at this short test (7.3MB)

Does your camcorder offer a choice of frame rates? That would narrow the variables down to 59.94 or 29.97.

Of the two resolutions, 1280x720 is the only one that’s 16:9 which is the aspect ratio of choice for YouTube. The other is 4:3 which is passé.

You’ve posted your camcorder’s resolutions and we posted links to YouTube’s guidelines. There aren’t that many more variables. Just use Shotcut’s preset mp4 or YouTube settings with aac audio and be done with it. If possible, match your camcorder’s frame rate to Shotcut’s preset YouTube frame rate (not running Shotcut at the moment so I can’t look it up for you).