Can I stream live videos through shotcut?

I just read the history of shotcut, Charlie Yates originally made it for broadcast company. So I think the software must originally had live streaming capabilities, as to broadcasting, there are several live shows.

I wanted to know of it was or it is possible.

I could install the first version by charlie yates, if needed. (I don’t know from where to get that, but Dan might point me I think)

Or if it’s possible now, then how could I do that.

Just use OBS as everybody else, Shotcut is a video editor, not designed for video streaming, :grinning:

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I already use OBS for streaming Tim, I just had a curiosity to know that shotcut can do it or not.

I am still looking forward for an answer, as I have not yet found anything about this. I think only the development team or the first user might know about this. Again a question out of curiosity, who was actually the first known user of the rewrite of shotcut? (obviously else then developer).

The current version of Shotcut is a complete rewrite by Dan Dennedy, another MLT co-founder and its current lead.

The thing that Charles wrote many years ago is dead and gone. There was never a version of the “Shotcut rewrite” that supports streaming to online platforms.

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The orginal Shotcut was never for live streaming. It was for broadcast playout, which is something completely different. Broadcast playout is an industrial headless media player that sends video through a dedicated video peripheral such as SDI or ASI and not a system GPU. I co-founded MLT with Charlie to make a (Linux only) broadcast playout server under contract for Ushodaya ETV. Then, they contracted him to make a (Linux only) Shotcut quick news editor that feeds the composition into the playout server. There is no known first user of the rewritten Shotcut because it was uploaded for any anonymous person to download and run.

I am not talking about “shotcut rewrite”, I was talking about the current or in other words the rewrited version of shotcut, not shotcut rewrite version.


Ok, that’s where I got confused, hearing the word news reminded me live shows, that’s why I created the topic.

Ok, but is there any first known forum member, I might consider him as the first user (even though if he is not technically and practically both).

I do not remember any company like this in my childhood or teenage, I rather remember ETV Bharat.

And according to me when I was reading the newspaper in the childhood days, there was the mention of Ushodaya as a risk for workers, the payment was not given, no safety, and much more danger. The state Police said them to close and then re-open when it’s totally safe. But I didn’t remember exactly if it was the same ushodaya, I only remember that I found a old newspaper from 1998 and was reading these things.

Obs will help you. It is a free and open-source screen recorder and also supports live streaming.

If I remember correctly, didn’t a person named as @Ar_D told you about this software. :roll_eyes:

I already told Tim that I use OBS for streaming, I just wanted to know if shotcut can do that, and I found out it couldn’t.

Sorry I didn’t read your reply carefully. :sob:

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