Can I slow down preview speed?

Hi! I’m a novice user and posting for the first time.

I’m trying to grab just a short slice of a video to delete one word out of the audio. When I drag out the preview pane and try to locate the area for deletion, the playback is going so fast I can’t keep up. Is there anyway to slow down the preview playback? I know the arrow keys will play back, but I’m a little hearing impaired and it’s hard for me to put it together because it’s choppy.

Thanks in advance!

Currently there is no way to slow down only the preview (Or their might be one which I don’t know), But there is a way you can solve your problem:-

  1. Select your video.
  2. Go to the properties tab, which is left to the export tab.
  3. Their you will see a option called speed (Which will be default set to 1.000000) change it to anything lower than 1.000000 that matches the slow speed you want, For eg:- 0.500000 is 2x slower and 0.100000 is 10x slower.
  4. Split the area that you want to remove by pressing S when it starts and again pressing S when it stops.
  5. Press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete the area after you have done splitting. To remove the empty area left, simply right click the empty area and click the delete option.
  6. And to recover the real speed, Go to properties tab then on the speed option make the speed 1.000000 on both clips showing on the timeline.

I hope this helps you.

Thank you!

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