Can I import preset simple text filters

Can I import preset simple text images. I need to add bible scriptures in lower thirds under a sermon. Copy and paste seems like so much trial and error insizing the window correctly and the font sizes don’t seem to work well. I also cannot seem to move my black background easily to cover the area of the window that contains the white text.

Hello @Reginald_Williams. Have you considered creating your text inserts with Photoshop, Gimp or Photopea (online free clone of Photoshop) ?
I suggested it to someone else here : About add shadow in letters
You can even make your black background there if you want to. Two birds with one stone. Also, if you use a screen shot from Shotcut, it would make it very easy to position your text and black background on the screen.

why not just use photos and add a “rotate and scale” filter to make the pics move and zoom…the pictures that way they become dynamic …and then copy and paste scripture and make it scroll or otherwise edit it …and add music …

I think its gonna be worth it …

What error or issue do you find in font sizing ?
What do you mean by
" black background"
Do you mean a banner like background where the words are sitting on ?
Perhaps if you may …please make a screenshot so that we can help better …

Thank you

I have done this recently and I am working on a tutorial on how I do this.

Because bible verses vary in length I do not resize the font or the box to fit the text, I just display part of next part of a verse, or multiple verses, in the same size font.

I usually have the shaded / colour box / semi transparent text area displayed all the time from the start of the reading.

I usually create the first verse/part verse and get the font, size etc to my liking, (I would also add video fade in / out - ticking adjust opacity).
I then copy/paste this first verse to where the next verse needs to be displayed, then copy / paste the new text.
Lastly adjust the position and length to match the speaker.

Once the first part is done, it is just copy/paste, copy/paste.

Example screenshots.


J’ai utilisé cet effet dans un de mes film.

2 techniques peuvent être utilisées :

  • 2 clips de texte simple superposées celle du bas en noir et celle du haut en blanc.
    on décale légérement le clip en texte noir dans le sens ou l’on veut l’ombre portée, on peut ajouter un peu de flou gaussien ;

  • On utilise un éditeur externe et l’on exporte le texte en png en respectant les transparence.
    Mon clip est basé sur le chant de croisade d’un roi troubadour Thibault de Champagne. Les incrustations sont ses vrais manuscrit écrit vers 1239.

I used this effect in one of my films.

2 techniques can be used:

  • 2 simple text clips superimposed the lower one in black and the upper one in white.
    we shift the clip in black text slightly in the direction where we want the drop shadow, we can add a little Gaussian blur;

  • We use an external editor and we export the text in png while respecting transparency.
    My clip is based on the crusade song of a troubadour king Thibault de Champagne. The inlays are his real manuscript written around 1239.

There isn’t any filter presets to download, rather you can set up your own presets from backgrounds sizes to text filters to exactly the way you want them. Once you have them set up, it will be easy to copy & paste.

I set up up filter presets for this:

V1: Source video or pictures
V2: Background for text (I used Open Other color black:#FF000000)
V3: Text Filters (I used 3)

Background preset:
To set a preset, position everything the way you want it to be, then hit the + symbol next to the Preset drop down menu. This preset saves both the size & position together. Instead of adjusting each time, you just select the preset from the drop down menu.

Text Presets:
Text presets stores all information shown below.
I used the 16x16 Grid to help with position.
shotcut_2020-08-14_23-04-11 shotcut_2020-08-14_23-08-35 shotcut_2020-08-14_23-11-38

Preset locations

The actual presets can found in your AppData folders (Windows 10) for Shotcut. This is helpful for backing up your data as these are not stored anywhere else.

For Size & Position presets

For Text presets

Presets can be loaded into Notepad (or Notepad ++), and this is what they look like.

Setting Font Size
Click on the Font name then type in a number for your size.
Then click on “Use font size”

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