Can I fill this area with green?

I have a problem. My green screen is not wide enough and no matter what I do a part of my guitar does not show up. please see this screenshot . My question is that is there any possibility that I I can paid that right white and blue area green so my green screen is perfect ? :slight_smile:

I am afraid there is no easy way for that, at least not in shotcut. You would have to manipulate each frame of the shot - a tedious work!
It would be easier to capture the scene again with a wider green screen. its never good to work on the edges of the green background as there are contrast changes also, as you can see in your example.

I follow what @RilosVideos said, it’s really hard, the only easiest way that comes to my mind is using 2 chroma key filters, one for green and one for white, or actually, if I remember correctly, you can use chroma hold to change the white bg.

But I cannot say anything about the contrasty area between green and white.

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