Can I Export in the Theora .OGV format?

These days, there are several different free video editors to choose from. The main reason I chose to try to learn Shotcut was because I thought it supported the Theora/.OGV video format. (I could have sworn it was mentioned somewhere.) However, the only Stock Theora export option I could find was for .Ogg Vorbis, which is the Theora music format.

When I tried to export to .OGV with a custom profile, using .ogg, it would fail and give an error. (…Something about the audio track.) I’m assuming that it failed because .ogg is strictly a music format.

I could not find any Format or Codec that would allow me to export to .OGV. There was no “OGV”, “Theora”, or “lib-theora” option.

Am I overlooking something? Is there a way to export to .OGV?

I find this situation strange, as Shotcut will load .OGV video files just fine and allow me to edit them. Even stranger, Shotcut relies on FFmpeg for import and export, the same as Kdenlive. And the latter does allow exporting to .OGV.

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There is a way you can export in versions like 21.12.24 which I am using although in that version you might still be the one who should do some minor tweaks. Just click OGG in the audio formats and then enable video. After that in the video codecs there is an option for libtheora somewhere. I actually tried it, but did not add my audio and it still worked. I also tried using the ogg format as the audio piece too and still nothing changed and it still worked, except just put .ogv in the end of the file name.