Can I export as a Quicktime Animation when there are multiple video tracks and maintain transparency?

Hi folks,
I did more experimenting today with gentle animations of text and transparent pngs. I also tested out exporting to quicktime animations. Going well so far - I created this short video:

But I have a question: Is it possible to export MULTIPLE video tracks, each containing transparent clips with text added, and/or transparent pngs, as a Quicktime Animation, so as to preserve the tranparent background?
I’d like to export JUST THIS animation (which uses 6 video tracks, on top of V1) but with the blue being made transparent, ready for re-importing it above the base clip:

I’ve had success doing this when there is ONE transparent text track above V1, as this test video I made shows. This is how it looks in SC:

When exported as a QT Animation and then imported over a pink background, I get THIS:

In the first part the pink colour shows through, but it seems it won’t work when there are 2+ tracks above V2.

I tried toggling the compositing icons for all tracks:

But when reimported it looks like THIS:

Making these complex text animations is fun, but it really slows down Shotcut, which is not surprising to me since there are 7 video tracks been played simultaneously:

Being able to “mixdown” the top 6 tracks with transparency would greatly increase workflow.

I’m scratching my head; any help would be appreciated. All the best. Jon

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Have you tried saving an MLT with only V2-V7 visible and in another file Opening MLT as Clip so that they are all on 1 track? (With the compositing settings for tracks being set normally)

Thanks John_solo - I hadn’t thought of that but tried it. The animation is mixed OK but unfortunately the background is black, not transparent. I could apply a chroma key to this to make the black transparent, but the problem is the fade-ins fade from black,ie I see greys.

I will keep thinking about it…
Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Jon