Can i edit a video while another one is exporting?

I’m editing let’s plays, and i prefer to do my editing in large groups of let’s plays. a problem that i’ve found is that it takes ten minutes to export a video, and i’m scared to start editing the next one before it finishes because i don’t know if it will mess up the exporting one. does anybody know?

Try it and come back with a report…

Yes, I do it quite frequently however… Without SSD drives and plenty of CPU power, playback and responsiveness is slower. A suitable workaround with enough RAM is to create a TMPFS drive, mount it and copy your video to it before opening. This bypasses bottlenecks for HDDs.

thanks to both of you. i will try. i do not have an ssd, but i am upgrading to 12gb ram very soon (possibly today).

This is one of the joys of Shotcut - while I am exporting from one project I can simply open another instance of Shotcut and start work on another project. Love it!


i’ve had success when exporting by going to file and starting a new project while the project i am exporting renders safely…i do a goodly amount of let’s plays myself and am constantly editing. shotcut also allows for multiple instances to be open…i’ve had success going that route also.

So when you Export a video, the instance of the Timeline is saved internally and only that instance is exported, right? Because if it only exports what is in the Timeline in real-time, then editing videos (in the same project) would screw up the current export. Anyway, I’ll test it and let you all know.

Alright it works! My former explanation (Shotcut saves that Timeline instance internally) is true. Good on you, Shotcut!

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