Can I create multiple videos from a single source?

I have a video of a hockey game and I would like to make two separate videos from clips that I select from the original video. I am making two scoring highlight reels - one for each team. What I am trying now is to create a new video track in the timeline and I am clipping out all the goals from Team A and putting them in one track and all the goals from Team B and putting them in another. Does this sound right?

I haven’t gotten to exporting them yet, but eventually I will want to render two separate video files for these.

Hi @garliceggs

You can export once. Only the clips on the upper track will appear in the exported video. Just make sure what’s on that track is longer than what’s on the track under it.

Then hide the upper track and export again. Only what’s on the track under will appear in the exported video.


That is what I ended up doing. I accidentally made the longer track on top, but does that make a difference? If so, why?

So I turned off the sound and view for the track I didn’t want, then selected the track I wanted with view and sound on, exported, seemed to work fine.


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It does make a difference since the footage that exceeds in the lower track would also be exported.

One way to avoid this (in case the shorter track is on top) is to use a Marker and then Export > From > Marker

Shotcut will only export the part that is between the marker’s “legs

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