Can Filters change speed when changing clip playback speed?

Couldn’t find any info on this elsewhere, so asking!
After applying filters that do change over time (keyframe size, position, etc), is there a way to make the timing of those adjust if you have to change the clip’s speed?
Experimenting with basic position filter (moving image from left to right during full playback), when I changed playback speed (doubled speed), the filter was at the original speed and only moved image halfway by the time the sped up clip finished. I hope that makes sense.
Goal is to apply a filter like that with its keyframes, then if the clip’s speed has to be adjusted, the complete range of motion (or whatever change) would still happen, just at the faster or slower pace with the clip’s new rate.

Shotcut ver 23.07.29
Win 10 build 19045.3324

Thanks for any insights!

Not available

Thanks for the fast reply. Two solutions I have used to get around it are:
1 - Obviously don’t do the filters until the clip is timed out the way I want (unless they’re easy to tweak)
2 - Do the filters to the clip, export a rendered version of the clip to bring back into the timeline (can’t make any changes to them at that point, but at least end results adjust this way)

Any tricks I might be missing?

Thanks again!

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