Can filter QML get the Shotcut installation path?

Suppose a filter needs to create paths to some files containing presets (as in data files to feed an ffmpeg filter, not “presets” in the QML sense). Suppose these files are worth eventually bundling with the Shotcut distribution. Suppose the filter QML wants a drop-down box to select one of these files, then needs to construct a path to these files relative to the installation folder of the executing version of Shotcut.

Can filter QML look up the installation or execution root? Would this lookup be broken by AppImage when the whole folder structure is rolled up into a single .appimage file?

The answer basically is no. Also, Shotcut is consider relocatable and not installed: Its folder can be moved, and it still works including when using the Windows installer. In this fashion, things are generally located relative to the executable. However, that is not good for putting into projects. There was some special things done for webvfx that required specialized C++ coding to handle when opening such a project. It is not really something generalized and not sure it can be.

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I can see the challenge. Thanks for the reply.

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