Camera spin Curiosity

Nothing too serious but after watching stargate origins some friends of mine were joking about needing a “Camera Spin” effect if we wanted to produce something(yes we’re all nerds and there’s a missile silo for sale so…)
I was able to make a crude approximation of that kind of effect using the rotate filter and keyframes and I’m curious how someone else would approach it. One of the larger issues I saw with my attempt was that in rotating the whole frame there was a visible black box.

What kind of camera spin? Like the whole frame spinning clockwise or counterclockwise?

yeah with like a background blur during, i’ll grab a youtube example in a bit

@sauron did something similar with spinning an image along with the blur filter. Check it out here.

Hey I bet if I exported the section I was working with as a .png sequence to use one as a background behind the spin that would work

Here’s a camera spin, sort of like the one in SGO. Had to zoom a bit to remove the black edges.

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Yep that was the idea, zooming to remove the edges would do it. How did you go past 360? Multiple sequenced rotate filters?

Used one rotate filter with advanced key frames. The first spin is 20 frames going from 0° to 360°, the rest are 10 frames each. Counter clockwise was done going from 0° to -360°.


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