Call-out Titles?

Hi there,

I want to create some explanation videos for an open source project (robot) I’m working on.
While looking for a cool, easy and inexpensive video editor, I came across Shotcut.

I want to add a really cool feature to my videos like here

They name it call-out titles.

Because I was unable to find a solution after hours at Google, I want to ask if someone has done this before. Could this be done by HTML filter and if so, does someone has an good source as starting point? I was unable to find similar at

I don’t need that really professional look like here, but it should be at least an circle at the object I want to highlight and a line to the text which explains. Everything should be move around a bit (animation).

It would be glad if someone points a way to me.

Thank you

You could just use alpha channel overlay PNG images on a new composite track and use the Size &Position filter to place them where you wanted. They can be faded in/out using the drag-able throbber or the Fade filter.


Hi Steve,

thank you for this fast response and your really good example. If I could move the PNG after fade in on a path with Size&Position filter, it will do the trick for me.

I’ll give it a try

You might be able to use the new Key frames feature for movement. I don’t use the latest version due to some introduced bugs so I’m not up to speed on KF use yet.