Buttons with no icons on Ubuntu Linux system?

Ubuntu 21.10 w Kernel 15.16.2
Tested Wayland and Xorg

Shotcut version 21.01.31

The program works reliable, but the editing icons do not have any icons. The only way to find out their purpose is to hover the mouse over each button and wait for the helping pup-up.

Log to follow as parts of the logs are rejected with posting too many links.

You should be able to upload text (.txt) or zip files in the reply window. No link is needed.

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Here is the Log as a txt file:
shotcut_log.txt (31.5 KB)

Have you tried using a resent version of shotcut 22.01.30


Use an AppImage, Snap or Flatpak, they contains the needed dependencies.


That was a nice hint! I used the snap install way and that shows the icons and symbols without issues. So I proceed with that way.

Thanks for the support!

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