Bult-in subtitles (hardcoded/hardrendered)

Hi, big fan and almost an everyday user of Shotcut here!

I’d like to being up a suggestion here, and leave it for you to consider. I’d love Shotcut to allow me to easily incorporate subtitles into the clip. I am talking about subtitles that re rendered into the clip, not loaded dynamically by video player.
It would be awesome, if Shotcut could at least support one major subtitle format, like .SRT or something, so that I could load a subtitle text file and render the subs over the clip. Ideally, I’d like to have some control over font and placement of the subs.

I do understand that it is a rather specific need, but surely I am note the only person who ever meets this niche.

See Workaround for adding hardcoded subtitles in ShotCut?