Bulk Filter Problems

I’ve been reading the forum and found that you can apply a filter to all clips in a track, but when I do it with Fade in and Fade out, It only applies to the beginning of the first clip and the end of the last clip.
Is there any way to work around this and apply the filters to all the track’s clips?

Yes, that is the track. You added a filter to the track. That is working as intended.

No, but if you are experimenting with track filters to learn, Fade In/Out are perhaps the worst choice because they inherently only affect the beginning or the end. Try using something else like Glow, for example. After you add it to the track, you can use filter trimming in Keyframes to control exactly when it starts and ends. Also, with discrete keyframes you can effectively make it go on and off multiple times. Or, you can use linear or smooth keyframes to vary the level of the effect over time.

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