Bulk filter application

After finding out about the lens correction filter (v. cool), I wanted to apply it to a project that’s been edited, etc., meaning lots of clips and transitions. Rather than needing to do them one by one, it sure would be nice to apply them to a group or block of clips, etc.). This builds on the suggestion be able to treat groups of clips, etc. as one meta-clip. Sure would be nice… [/smile]

You can add a filter to the track header and the entire track will be affected by that filter with the same settings.

Alternatively it you know ahead of editing that you’ll need to ex. color-grade or add text to all clips, you can add the filters to the source clip in the playlist and when using material from the clip in the timeline then all instances will get the filter with individual settings.

Like explained by tintin you can apply to the track header the filters you want. If you need different filters for groups of clips you can use different tracks for that.

Works like magic! Great thanks!