Building on Mac OS

I found a code issue that I’d like to fix, and so I’m trying to build shotcut on mac os. I have a new install of Mojave (10.14), with XCode and a basic macports environment installed.

I found the shotcut/scripts/ script and am using that to set things up. I’ve spent hours writing this post, as short as it is.

Bug report: the misreports ‘sox’ as optional, when it is required. This is when it is checking ‘disable-sox’, reports it as optional, then sets DODIE=1.

For MacPorts, I had to install the following packages: sudo port install gcc5 pkg-config autoconf automake libtool nasm xorg-util-macros fftw-3-single eigen3 libsdl2 libtheora jack libomp sox

The above has fixed most of the problems I encountered, but the problem I haven’t yet been able to get around is involving Qt. The shotcut/src/ file adds ‘webkitwidgets’ to the build. This library hasn’t been included in Qt since 5.5, but shotcut looks to be built against 5.9 (5.9.7, specifically). Big question: what setup is done regarding this library for the automated builds? Is another version of Qt actually used?

I tried building against Qt 5.5, but the shotcut project requires at least 5.9.x. Any hints?

Follow the instructions from here, including the instruction to utilize Shotcut’s build of Qt 5.9.7 which includes QtWebKit.

Thank you, I hadn’t seen that page yet.
I can probably get it going now.

Edit: With shotcut’s 5.9.7, qmake doesn’t run. Shotcut’s distro is missing the 5.9.7/clang_64/bin/qt.conf file, but copying that from an original 5.9.7 distro fixed the problem.

The rest of my build succeeded, and created the two .dmg files OK.

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