Bug with new Copy/Paste Feature: Error "You cannot add a nonseekable source""

Hi, I just updated my shotcut to newest 19.12.31 version in order to be FINALLY able to copy/paste clips from/to timeline.

AND IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much!!!

But now I have a clip part in my timeline, that i copied. Then I opened a new instance of shotcut with a different project where this clip part (that I copied before) would fit in perfecty. Then I press on “Paste” symbol, but instead of pasting my previously copied clip at the position in timeline (as expected) Shutcut throws the error message “You cannot add a nonseekable source”

The bug is happening already in 1st instance of Shutcut: Shotcut misses to fill correctly into Window’s Clipboard when I select “Copy” on my clip part. I copied some text in Notepad to Window’s Clipboard (“abc”), and when I select “Copy” on my clip part from timeline again, I am still able to paste the old text “abc” into notepad. So Windows Clipboard was not filled with what I copied.

Despite of this anyway: Thank you so much for the great software and all your effort to make the new copy/paste feature workable as a “normal Windows user” expects a copy/paste feature to work :blush:

Have fun

BTW: The copy/paste for filters has the same bug :wink:

I updated the category of thread from Help/How To to Bug as this is a bug report.

This is not a bug. The system clipboard is not used for Copy and Pasting clips in Shotcut. Doing that is an enhancement request. This has already been requested more than once. There are some challenges with it.

Copy/Paste without using Windows clipboard? I don’t want to start a discussion, but exactly this is what copy / paste does in Windows (except in Shotcut, as I learned some minutes ago).

And if it’s already requested more than once: I wish you a lot of fun. :kissing_heart:

And by the way:
Instead of storing in internal variables, put (or copy) same data into the Windows Clipboard. It’s a simple list of ClipFileName, Startposition, Endposition, and maybe filters or so. In my experience a “challenge” is only a “challenge”, a long as I prokrastinate. The “challenge” turns out to be easy some minutes after I started.

The Windows clipboard doesn’t exist on MacOS and Linux, hence the need for an “internal” clipboard. One of the challenges is getting a single source code base to work across all platforms. Rest assured there is more than procrastination that prevents features from being added.

Yes of course, I didn’t see the multi OS difficulty, as I was a Windows developer only and Windows user for 90% of my lifetime :blush:

As a user who really likes Shotcut and REALLY miss that feature I hope youl’ll find a way to add to your new copy function something like If Windows Then PutInternalCopyPasteMemoryToWindowsClipboard() Endif, and to start your new paste function with something like If Windows Then ReadWindowsClipboardToInternalCopyPasteMemory() Endif

I wish you a lot of fun implementing this. :+1::kissing_heart:

@David There are global pipes to pass on the information across multiple instances it is just a matter of the actual work, people are using their spare time to improve the project.

There are lots of “1-line code improvement” eg. my suggestion that “preview workflow always renders using files inside a proxy_subfolder, if the subfolder exists”, but there are just too many little things to do on the project roadmap.

Since it is a popular request as the supreme leader said, we are likely to see it in the future (the development of Shotcut is highly active.)

This is not a simple change despite knowing that a cross platform QClipboard class exists in the Qt library. First, there is a major performance issue that can appear when running multiple instances of shotcut. I cannot announce a multiple instance workflow improvement via the system clipboard while that exists. Send the pull request that fixes this and then we’ll talk about the next issue for which I have an idea.

A cross platform Clipboard?! Magic! I love the paradise that we are living in :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Sorry, I REALLY don’t see the problem. A user selects some clip parts in timeline, and they already get a red border. Each clip part has some properties, e.g. Track Copied From=1st, ClipFilename=C:\myfile.mp4, In=01min23s Out=02min23s, Filters=[SomeFiltersInThatClip]

Wherever you store that already: Put that in the QClipboard(Qt library), when user clicks on “Copy”, too.

And whenever user clicks on “Paste”, read from QClipboard(Qt library) back into existing memory - and then begin the paste that already is developed.

When doing copy/paste. both instances are in STOP- Mode. So they consume memory, but nothing else. Copy just fills that, what user selected in timeline, into internal (and hopefully QClipboard(Qt library)) memory. This should be done in 0.1 seconds even when I select 20 Clip Parts.

When pasting, just the timeline gets filled by some new objects from internal memory (that is hopefully filled from QClipboard(Qt library)). There may be some re- arranges in timeline necessary, but these are the same when pasting from internal memory only, too. :wink:

Now you can :wink:

I use shotcut most of the time like this: I have a 3 hours video in Video track, a seperate audio track, that is perfectly in sync. Then I cut out things on video, that I don’t like and so on. That works good for me.

Sometimes, after one hour of cutting like this, I find Clip Parts, that I’d like to put to a separate Video/Project. As there is no way to see In/Out- Times, and to manually add and sync Video + Audio again, then find the same clip part in these 3 hours video - IMPOSSIBLE.

As soon you use QClipboard(Qt library) I can FINALLY copy/paste this valuable found part into another project and I’m finished. THIS is a HUGE improvement for me. For this I LOVE opening my 2nd project in order to paste that clip part into, and I would even close 1st instance to open 2nd project and paste from QClipboard(Qt library) :wink:

This I don’t understand, so I cannot answer on that.

I hope, my ideas make this easier for you to implement, and I hope my ideas are valuable for you - at least this is my intention here, and I admit, I REALLY look forward to have a Shotcut software that copy/pastes like it’s standard in today’s operating systems :wink:

David from Cologne, Germany

Oh thank you,

I can follow the link, and I can press on “New pull request”, but still have no idea how to continue there. Can someone do that please, as I am not familiar at all?

They’re saying “write the code yourself to fix it then submit it to the primary source code repository when you’re done”.

Aaah, haha, thank you for this clarification. No, I don’t want to develop software any more, done that 25 years. Just wanted to motivate :slight_smile:

It’s not a lack of motivation, David. It’s just a lack of resources as there’s only 2 devs right now. Why not dust off that veteran skill set for one more development ride and help out for this one instance? :slightly_smiling_face:

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