Bug with file loaded as clip

I work several hours a day with Shotcut and almost every day so I have a lot of manipulations on SC, after a while when I need to load an MLT file as a clip it loads well, is displayed on the control screen (top right) but as soon as I place it on the timeline following my current edit and want to read the whole thing, the MLT file loads as that clip is invisible on the screen, but the rest works fine.

For everything to go back to normal, I have to restart my computer, relaunch SC, reload my work and replace the MLT file as a clip and everything works fine.
I am using Shotcut 22.10.09
I have already reported this phenomenon with a previous version which remained unanswered.

My laptop is an Asus 17 – Rog Strix – Ryzen9 – 32 GB – Rtx 3080
Windows 10

My question is: is this a bug with Shotcut or a machine bug?
How to cure it ?
Thanks for your help if possible

Since you have already reported this issue and it apparently went unanswered, could you please post a screen recording of exactly what you describe, including the steps taken to trigger this problem? I think that would be most beneficial in clarifying your issue, which could lead to a potential solution (maybe). That’s what I would do anyway.

Can you provide any screenshots?
Can you provide the steps needed for someone else to duplicate?
Are all of the files on a drive on the computer, cloud service, USB drive?
Are you running Anti-Virus programs?

Hello and thank you for your questions.

It’s not easy to take a screenshot when there is a problem that suddenly falls on you, you find yourself under the effect of surprise, it makes you perplexed and takes a few tenths of a second to make the right decision.

What I noticed is that the Mlt file loaded as a clip is shorter on the timeline than when reloaded alone on the timeline.

I also noticed that closing SC and re-opening it does not change the problem.
I also noticed that sometimes instead of putting the said Mlt file on the timeline as a clip, SC put the previous image that I had placed with a copy paste instead of the Mlt file.

Steps ? No name on SC screen about this incident

Yes, the editing files are in a main file on the computer, there is no cloud or USB key, only an external disk for daily backups.

The antivirus is that of W10.

As you can see I am not a computer expert, only a user, your questions such as, “screen recording, Atach log, View log”, are out of my reach, I don’t know how to proceed to provide you with this information.

This is what I have for the moment as an explanation, I have to wait for the next demonstration to take screenshots, fortunately this problem does not occur every day.

The same incident just happened a few minutes ago.
I took a screenShot of the incident, nothing is mentioned as an error.
Attached Screenshot 02
Notice the difference in length between the original MLT file and the file loaded as Screenshot clip 01

Journal application.txt (36.6 KB)

Just to rule out this possibility, does the MLT clip have the same number of frames per second (fps) as the other project?
If, for example, you import a 30 fps MLT clip into a 25 fps project, there will be errors.

Juste pour éliminer cette possibilité, est-ce que le clip MLT a le même nombre d’images par seconde (fps) que l’autre projet?
Si, par exemple, vous importez un clip MLT a 30 fps dans un projet Ă  25 fps, il y aura des erreurs.

To MusicBox.
Yes the MLT file have the same fps (1920x1080 - 24 fps)
The montage is made of photos assembled like a slideshow.

Your screenshot shows:
Can you upload this MLT? (Do not need the media files)
What size is the png file in this file?
What is the resolution & fps of the mp4 in this file?

In the Journal application.txt you uploaded it shows this:
Which file do you need help with?

Hello and thank for your reply and help.
The mlt has been loaded on the forum
The png files are very important all most all pictures are png file.
The resolution of all mp4 file are 24 Fps.
Journal "
notepad_2022-10-12_17-14-55" is the file where the mlt file is shorter than original and does not work.
You will here under those Files already edited on.
03 - Clip - Formation Fira - Karos.mlt (35.3 KB).
I need help to know whith my mlt file loaded as a clip does not work and with is it so short (the original is 5.05 secondes and the one loaded as a clip is only 20 fps) as far as the Original and why should I have to restart my conputer tu use normaly SC.

The 03 - Clip - Formation Fira - Karos.mlt file you uploaded is 25 fps. You can see that by opening it directly (not as clip), select Timeline > Sortie and view Properties:

Also, the player reports a project duration of 11:18 seconds:

Next, I use File > Close and choose Settings > Video Mode > HD 1080p 24 fps. Then, I add something that is not a .mlt to the Playlist to lock in that video mode. When, I add your .mlt above to the timeline, the player still reports 11:18 as the project duration.

I cannot explain why you need to restart the computer, and I cannot fix that. If correcting the video mode in each XML does not solve your problem I suggest to export each to an intermediate file and then assemble those.

Thank you for your remarks, I did not notice that the clip went from 24 fps to 25 fps.
Since I have been using SC I have never deviated from this preset of 1080 HD 24 fps for my edits.

At the time of the incident, I did not have the reflex to check the fps, this has already happened in another clip that Hudson555 discovered and reported to me, once rectified everything was back to normal .

But why does this change from 24 to 25 fps occur during the various and numerous manipulations that one can do on a clip during its design?

For the duration of the clip I made a typing error, the duration is indeed 11.18.
Mea-culpa I’ll be more careful before posting next time.
Thank you for your answer and thank you for the work accomplished in the realization of SC and its regular updates.
PS) the translation is very often bad mainly for technical questions, even by reading your answers or explanations several times it is difficult to understand well. I apologize if sometimes my answers are not the ones you expect or next to the topic.


I think we all understand that, don’t worry about it. What’s important is that you finally found a solution to your problem.

Je pense que tous le monde comprend cela. Ne vous en faites pas. L’important est qu’en fin de compte, vous avez trouvé une solution à votre problème.

Hello again,
I just checked the fps of all my clips in this montage, they are all at 25 fps whereas when I created the montage as I always do in HD 1080 24 fps.
Why this change?
If all my clips are 25 fps why did the incident I mentioned occur?

In my experience, there are a lot of bugs that don’t answer questions.


Thank for your understanding.
J’espére trouver une solution à mon problème.

I was just watching a video about interpolation, that is converting videos with different frame rates.

They use software found at http://selur.de

I haven’t tried it yet but I would like to soon.

Thank you David,
But Hybrid is too complicated for me.