Bug with Crop: Source


I just discovered inadvertently a bug with the Crop: source filter.

  • Start a new project 960x540

  • Import 2 vertical images, the first in 720x1280 and the second in 337x557.

  • Place these images on the timeline and apply the Crop: Source filter to each of them to crop them. Check the “Center” Checbox

  • With the first image, the operation is correct, the “Center Offset slider” can be adjusted from -640 to +640.

  • With the second image, the “Center Offset slider” cannot be set to negative values. All values between -279 and 0 are inaccessible.

Is it due to the size of the second photo which is smaller than the one of the project?

Or to its dimensions which are odd numbers (337 and 557)?

View demo


The attached folder contains the mlt file and the 2 images.

SC 20.04
OS X 10.11.6

Test image verticale.zip (572.6 KB)

I was experiencing crashing while testing this when trying to set the value negative. It turns out there was some bizarre bug in the UI. I fixed it for the next version 20.06. Here you can overwrite yours in share/shotcut/qml/filters/crop
ui.qml (6 KB)

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I tested the fix. When trying to crop the right side the image is now being affected in a strange way:

The image I used in my demo is the same one I linked to in my bug thread for #19:

Yes, I can confirm that.

I modified your image with Graphic Converter by deleting 1 pixel across the width. The new image is now 974x808 and the problem does not appear anymore.
It seems that SC doesn’t like odd values.

You are reporting a different, old bug in the wrong context. This new UI file does not cause that. When this happens, you need to change a value to get it correct.

Do you mean when the resolution is in odd values convert the image or video to even values?

You can see in your screencast that it alternates between OK and not OK as you change the value for Right. Choose the closest value that is OK. I fixed the underlying bug (not in ui.qml) for the next version 20.06.

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I’m on the latest Shotcut and I record let’s plays in obs on a 2560x720 canvas. I then crop it into 2 720p 60fps videos. Lately, shotcut has been crashing when trying to crop these videos. Could this bug have been reintroduced somehow?

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