Bug where Size, Position & Rotate disappears right after adding it

So, like the title says, that filter disappears after adding it to my project. I use it to zoom in, and I can change the setting and everything, but nothing happens. When I add it, the filter and settings stay, but changing the setting does nothing and the border on the video disappears less than a second later, not letting me click on it. Is there a fix for this? I’ve never had this bug before and am on Windows 10.

Edit: I hope someone from shotcut sees this. This bug is happening because the video is too long. The video in question is around 1 1/2 hours and if I cut it down to about 30 minutes, it works fine. Hope this helps someone else in need.

This is not a bug that I can reproduce. I can use it on 4K video that is over 2 hours long just fine. Probably your play head is not over the section of video that is affected by the filter.

That’s the thing, as soon as I add it it disappears from the video and I’m unable to get it to come back.

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Are you referring to the this box? If so, this is referred to as a VUI (Visual User Interface).
At 150% zoom, the VUI disappears, this is now the new normal for the filter. Not a bug.

If this is the case, you can do the following.

  1. Change the zoom level of the preview window.
    a. Toggle Zoom
    b. Click Zoom once more when you’re done making adjustments.

  2. Use the keyboard shortcuts to move the VUI where you need adjustment. Click in rectangle + hold Shift to drag, Wheel to zoom, or Ctrl+Wheel to rotate. This displays for a short period when the filter is first activated.


  1. Use the numerical options and sliders in the filter window. You can scroll up/down with each numerical field.

Be aware that Size & Zoom are tied together when scrolling either one. Keyframes are tied together with Postition, Size & Zoom as one. Rotate has it’s own keyframe.

Shotcut version 20.11.28 (Get the latest version of Shotcut here.)
Windows 10 Home 64-bit


Yeah that thing. That’s was disappears. Its borders and the circle thing int he middle too. When it disappears it’s like it’s untoggleable. Clicking on it does nothing and I can’t reenable it in any way.

Pour déplacer le cadre du filtre (dans le VUI) vous avez 2 solutions:
1/ Faire un double clic sur le point central noir. Ensuite vous pouvez cliquer glisser depuis n’importe où dans le cadre.
2/ Cliquer à l’intérieur du cadre tout en maintenant Shift enfoncé et glisser.

To move the filter frame (in the VUI) you have 2 solutions:
1/ Make a double click on the black central point. Then you can click and drag from anywhere in the frame.
2/ Click inside the frame while holding down Shift and drag.

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