Bug when adding tracks - always adds above instead of below

Windows 10, latest updates as of 20/6/2021 (version 192)
Shotcut latest version 64 bit (21.05.18)

When I add a track, I can’t seem to find any way of adding an extra track at the bottom, or below the track that already exists or that I’ve already selected. Regardless of whether I do insert or add, it always adds the track above the one that is already there. This is annoying because the existing track is the one with the transparency in it, so it has to go at the top. Once a track is added there doesn’t seem to be any way of changing the order of tracks, or moving one track above another, other than selecting all the content and dragging it to the track above so you have then got an empty track below. This seems to be a really basic deficiency. Am I missing something simple? But I would definitely expect ‘insert’ to add a track before the one you’ve selected, and ‘add’ to append it afterwards, so this does appear to be a bug to me.

Any clarification greatly appreciated.
Mike Hersee

Hi @MikeHersee
This is not a bug. It’s a feature that doesn’t exist yet in Shotcut. It looks like item 7 on the Road Map will take care of that: Ordering tracks.

One way around this is to always leave track V1 empty. Then when you want to add a track below V2, select V1 and insert a new track. It will appear above V1 but below V2.

Ok, great, look forward to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah! Thanks, that works. :grinning:

There are 2 workarounds though (well … 3 now with @pbattersby suggestion :slight_smile: )

  1. Use Insert Track instead of Add Video Track. It allows you to insert a track above any track in the timeline.

  2. If you need to add a new track bellow track V1, just Add Video Track, this will add a track on top of all other tracks, then go to the Timeline Menu > Selection > Select all and move all the clips one track UP.

Right-click and open in another window to see the GIF at 100% size.


Thanks very much, very helpful

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Great tip! I need to use that

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