Bug Report v19.10.20

Before anything, there are two types of Advanced Keyframes: One where the keyframes just move left and right and the other where there is a graph that allows the keyframes to move up and down as well . What are the names of those two different types of Advanced Keyframes?

  1. In Advanced Keyframes, when the keyframe timeline is zoomed in the seeking is inaccurate after the keyframes are moved. Also, they stutter as they are being moved around. This happens with both types of Advanced Keyframes. Demo

  2. When you have an Advanced Keyframe selected and you manually move it up and down, the value in its parameter does not update along with the up and down keyframe movement. Demo

  3. Make a transition clip. Change the transition from Dissolve to Cut. Then from Cut go back to Dissolve. Then once again go from Dissolve to Cut. The Cut selection will be ignored and instead will stay at Dissolve. You won’t be able to choose Cut again. Here’s a demo.

  4. Clips that are overwritten by a clip that is made longer by speed change don’t get undone. In this demo, I show the very first frames of the clip I will overwrite to show what the first frames should be. I bring to the timeline the clip that I will overwrite with. I made that clip longer which then overwrites the first clip. I then undo those actions so that it’s before the second clip is brought down and I show that the first frames are not what they originally were.

  5. In Text: HTML, selections for font size, font name, background color, text outline and text shadow are not remembered by the parameters in the HTML Editor. So if you make a selection or enter a value then go back to that parameter make a change, the values that come up in the windows are their defaults rather than what was last set. Instead of this, there should be a default button in each of those parameters.

  6. In Text: HTML, the menu to select colors doesn’t have a parameter for alpha channel. Therefore, if you pick for example a background color but then decide to make the background color transparent again, it seems there is no way to revert back to full transparency.

  7. In Text: HTML, if you add a text shadow to a text then hit the delete or backspace key to bring the text up, the text shadow will be removed. Demo.

  8. If you are on the Source tab to add filters to a clip on the playlist then switch to the Project tab and try to add a filter to a clip on the timeline by hitting Enter on the keyboard, the focus switches from Project to Source rather than staying on the Project tab.

Sorry but I do not plan to address most of these. Some of the ones related to the HTML editor are nearly impossible due to technology limitations. I have a full slate for the next release already and then moving on to bigger things in the engine. Maybe someone else will volunteer.

Just bookmark this thread and return to the ones you can’t do now when you can.

I will.

Okay. Until then, what are the names of those two different types of Advanced Keyframes? :slightly_smiling_face:

There are no two different kinds - only simple or full/advanced.

Type 1:

Type 2:

one way to term this difference is “curves vs. without-curves”

  1. This bug I’ve noticed since the last beta (19.13) but it’s only now that I’ve finally seemed to have found the trigger! So there is a bug that has multiple clips being selected even when you don’t want to and Shotcut doesn’t respond if you choose to deselect them. The trigger seems to have something to do with adding new video tracks. When video tracks are added, the multi-select bug starts happening. Here is a demo.

There might be something else that can trigger it also because right at the start of my demo I try to deselect the first clip I put on the timeline and it wouldn’t deselect. Still, it’s been a consistent pattern that every time I add a new video track this multi-select bug happens. Here is a 2nd demo that shows how adding new tracks above already existing ones that have clips on them can multi-select all the tracks below.

Thanks. I’ll look into it.

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
Now another issue:

  1. The Gaussian Blur is buggy. When you start raising the value past 90 the video starts getting totally messed up. This has happened on some 4K videos. I haven’t seen this happen yet on a 1080p video but that doesn’t mean it won’t. My demo here shows this with the 4K upload of the Blender short Big Buck Bunny.
  1. clip selection after adding and removing tracks is fixed for the next version.

11) The audio in the player is out of sync. I made a demo to highlight this. I first show the original clip then follow it up with how it compares to it being played in Shotcut. Note the moment when the acorn lands on the bird’s head. In the Shotcut player, the sound of the hit comes in a little later than it should: https://streamable.com/9x5dh

It doesn’t seem to affect the export though. However, this does make it difficult to do precise audio and video syncing. The file I used is the 4K 60fps upload of the Big Buck Bunny short. I’ve noticed this issue also with 1080p videos.