BUG REPORT - Export Frame (dialog keeps popping up)

Can anyone reproduce this bug?


Export Frame.
Name it “1” (png). Save.
Export Frame.
Name it “2” (png). Save.

For me, after repeating this process, after a while the dialog box keeps popping up without a mouse trigger and pops up repeatedly even if I click “close”. Eventually it stops.



It’s a serious bug for me since my typewriter text technique relies on exporting many frames…

I just tested this on 21_01_29 and it seems to work fine.

Also tested it on 20_11_28 and it also works fine.

Tested again on 21_02_27 - problem happened again. 1st exported frame OK, then pop-ups appears on 2nd exported frame.

I reported something very similar in the thread for the last beta:

@Hudson555x did a demo of it in the post right after mine. The thread was closed after that.

Ah, thanks @drm, and @Hudson555x. Sorry, I didn’t read your report. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will be fixed sometime then. Might have to defer the release of my typewriter text tutorial until then.

Not at all. Thanks for reporting your experience with the bug. :slightly_smiling_face:

:+1: For me, it doesn’t just happen when I select “close” first. The box just flies out unannounced. Scared me to death! :grinning:

Sorry, I meant “cancel” not “close” in my post above.

This was already fixed for the next version.

Excellent news! Thank you.

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