Bug report 17.05

Bonjour sur certain de mes fichiers importer dans Shotcut une barre clignotante apparait sur le coté du fichier video et apparait meme apres apres export de la video.
Regarder la video dans le zip pour comprendre.

bug.zip (139.8 KB)

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Hello on some of my files import into Shotcut a flashing bar appears on the side of the video file and appears even after exporting the video.
Watch the video in the zip to understand.

That’s not a useful bug report! You need to give steps to repeat the problem and tells us about your computer system.
You have not even told us which OS you are using.
Also, please make one of your original ‘out of camera’ video files available.

OS Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits
i5 4440
8 go ram

Glisser-deposer un fichier video dans Shotcut provoque le bug.

Test fichier video Version 17.02 no bug video
Test meme fichier video Version 17.05 bug video.

J’essaye de vous aider donc non mon bug report n’est pas inutile pas de probleme avec la version 17.02.

Que vous faut il comme autre info ?

Ci-joint la video du bug prise de mon telephone. (Regarder a gauche de l’ecran)

1.zip (1.7 MB)

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Dragging and dropping a video file into Shotcut causes the bug.

Test video file Version 17.02 no bug video
Test same video file Version 17.05 bug video.

I try to help you so not my bug report is not useless no problem with the version 17.02.

What do you need it as other info?

Attached is the video of the bug taken from my phone. (Look to the left of the screen)

Sorry, this file is useless.
I ask again: Please make one of your original ‘out of camera’ video files available.
What you see on your screen is meaningless. I need to test your original file on my computer using the same version of Shotcut to evaluate if this is a repeatable software bug or just a local problem with your computer.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, a .mov file from my Olympus camera imports in to version 17.05.03 perfectly.
I use Win10 Pro 64bit, AMD R7 360 GPU and 16Gb DDR3

Comme convenu voici une partie du film opriginal.

Drag and drop ce fichier dans Shotcut et dites moi si vous avez le probleme de bande clignotante sur le coté svp.

Why is this a blank file? Is this straight out of your camera??
In any case, yes I see the same effect in Shotcut, but I also see the same effect in all versions of Shotcut I have (01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05) and all media players I tried including Windows Movie Maker… So the fault is with your video file, not Shotcut.

You can zoom in on your file and see the actual interference data in the video. This proves the file is the problem and not Shotcut.

Sorry bad file video reupload a good file.

Voila le bon fichier video

video.zip (8.3 KB)

Please supply an unedited, non-transcoded file which has come directly from the camera.

Whatever that .avi is I don’t know, but I see no image corruption in any version of Shotcut or any media player.