Bug or not bug

Excuse me for the name in the subject, could not find the right description.
Recently I have noticed after loading video clips into the playlist : If I load the first clip with size 480p (852 x 480) and set the export to 1280 x 720, then load another with size 720p (1280 x 720), same settings.
The exported clips have tiny black margin, sometimes at the bottom or at the right side when playing them.
But when I load the first one size 720p and then the 480p, there are not those tiny black margins.
Made twice this test with same video clips.
(The originals are clean picture)
Bug or not bug ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Shotcut version 21.10.31 on win 10, 20H2 x64.

What is the video mode set to when you import your files?

852x480 and 1280x720 are two different aspect ratio. One is 71:40 the other 16:9
When you export at 1280x720, it is normal that the 852x480 doesn’t quite fit in.

1280 x 720 is the same aspect ratio as the export (16:9). 852 x 480 does not have the aspect ratio 16:9.

You almost certainly have “Video Mode” set to “Automatic”. The actual video mode used will be that of the first clip you load, which means in the first case you have a non-16:9 aspect ratio video mode that you are exporting as 16:9, hence the black bars.

Set the video mode of your project to 1280 x 720.

Thanks for the answer.
In the video mode drop-down menu there is not a 1280 x 720 setting item.
And the 720p has 50 to 60 fps, I use mainly 25 fps.

At the bottom of the dropdown list is the word “Custom”. This enables you to create your own custom setting: 1280x720, progressive; Aspect Ratio 1280x720, FPS 25.

“HD 720p” = 1280 x 720

I use mainly 25 fps.

Video Mode > Non-Broadcast > HD 720p 25 fps

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