Bug - inserting multiple clips from playlist to timeline

I found a bug -

  1. Open file. Select multiple videos, say for example they are clip01, clip02, clip03.

  2. Drag all 3 to preview window.

  3. They appear in the Playlist as expected.

  4. Select Clip01 from Playlist, press + above timeline. Clip01 appears in timeline as expected.

  5. Select Clip02 from Playlist, press + above timeline. Here’s the bug - Clip01 appears in timeline, not Clip02.

  6. Select Clip 03, same thing - Clip01 appears, not Clip03 as expected.

Dragging them into the timeline works OK though.

Maybe I’m wrong, but for me, the + button above the timeline puts the clip witch is in the player, not the one in the playlist.
In 5 when you have selected the clip 2 and pressed the + button, if it was the clip 1 that was present in the player, it’s clip 1 witch is added to the timeline, not clip 2
You first have to double click on the clip of the playlist, it goes into the player and then click on the + button to add it to the timeline

@Namna is correct. To put the clip in the timeline it needs to be open in the viewer first. Either double click or select and press enter, then press + or A to append.

To put all the clips in the playlist in the timeline use the add all to timeline function.

OK, that makes sense! Thanks guys for the clarification.

I must be getting senile - just can’t find that feature anywhere!! Where is it? Thanks!!!


Ah, thanks, @Hudson555x . The menu right at the bottom of the playlist. Thank you.

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