Bug in v17.11.04 Toolbar Mouse Hover Pop-up Descriptions Disappear When Video Plays, Otherwise They Remain Normally When No Video Plays

Bug with Shotcut version 17:11.04 - Toolbar mouse-hover pop-up descriptions appear but disappear quickly when video plays. Otherwise when hovering over the toolbar buttons, the pop-up descriptions remain normally, when a video is not playing. For example if I hove my mouse pointer over the Timeline Menu as seen in the attachment, the words “Display a menu of additional actions” pops-up and remains. However, if I start a clip in the viewer playing, and then try this, the description pop-up appears very briefly and then disappears, until the video stops playing. It disappears too fast to read the pop-up description. O.S. version = Fedora Mate Release 26 Kernel 4.13.9-200.fc26.x86_64 Mate 1.18.0