Bug in keyframes, time remapping and transitions

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Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

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I don’t know of a specific method to repeat the problem, it seems to happen randomly.

Greetings, it had been long since I used Shotcut last, and must confess that at the beginning I was glad about time remapping and the use of keyframes. I was editing a set of videos to create another one longer. I started using time remapping to make them look faster (drone footage). The problem is when I added more videos I started noticing that the key frames for time remap disappeared. Fortunately the videos kept their speed. However I couldn’t move the keyframes nor edit the speeds as everything was completely gone from the keyframes frame, as shown in the image. You can see that it shows that the video has a speed of 6.5X, but the key frames line (or whatever that’s called) just shows horizontal, as if the speed were 0, and there are no keyframes (the speed still decreases and increases as originally intended).

I could keep going with that, but later, transitions started bugging in the preview screen, so instead of a dissolve effect, it looked like old TV noise.

When I was finally exporting my video, the beginning and end times of the whole first part of the video (first video edited) were completely off. The beginning was much later than I had cropped and, as I had applied time remap, the end was just a single frozen frame for like 5 seconds. I couldn’t even try to fix what was wrong because I couldn’t see the keyframes for time remapping anywhere. And no matter how I tried to return to the beginning of the video, it showed as if there were no more frames to insert (which isn’t true).

Furthermore, the smooth keyframes don’t look like smooth curves.

I am not allowed to add more pictures, but if you need more evidence or the entire project, I can share it with you.

Hope you can fix it soon, the program was almost perfect, I have been a user a long time, and now I see it’s gone a long way, but for the moment I am moving back to another software, as I can’t waste that much time for getting a useless file.

Have you tried closing Shotcut and restarting your computer? Maybe Shotcut got into an invalid state and needs to be restarted. If you want, you can send me your project file and we can see if it acts poorly for me.

Hi. Yes, I already restarted the program and the computer, but the issue persist, now I have to start editing from the start. How can I share the project with you? It is a little bit heavy.

You can upload the .mlt file to this forum.

Hi, thanks, this is the project.
Planetarium.mlt (82.2 KB)

Thanks for sharing your project. Your problems are caused by your source clips that have variable frame rate (VRF).

Have a look at these instructions:

Unfortunately, you will need to start your project over. Be sure to set the video mode to something that meets your needs.

Hi, thanks. Supposedly the first video was converted to edit friendly, and it even occupies 7GB from my drive, but that’s the first one that started bugging. I thought that conversion was to avoid those errors.

Your screenshot does not show a converted video, which usually has “- Converted” in its name. Your project file has the timeremap filter on 1 converted file (FIMI0011 - Converted.mkv), but also on 2 non-converted.

I know, but the problem is also present in the one converted, as also in the other 2. What I wonder is if all of them had been converted, would that have prevented the issue?

I believe it would work if you converted them all first. It starts with setting the video mode. See the steps at the bottom of this page: