Bug in 24.04.28 - filter boundary boxes show in "player mode"

@shotcut - I just upgraded to 24.04.28.
Edit mode:
Have a video on V1
Apply an SPR filter. Boundary box shows (expected)).
Swap to Player mode:
Boundary box shows (unexpected, and this was fixed a few months ago, but it’s back). I reverted to 24.02 to confirm it works correctly in that version.

Boundary box also remains showing for text:simple. I didn’t have time to test other filters.

I just checked - it was fixed in January:

I’d really love a fix for this, but until then I devised a workaround. I wrote an Auto Hotkey script that, on pressing a trigger key (currently CTRL/K) it whizzes the mouse to press the cross on the filter pane (to remove the boundary box of the SPR filter, for example), then shoots over to press the PLAYER mode button.

Then to revert to the EDITING mode, I press CTRL/L.

Very useful for immediately swapping between modes. In fact, it’s so useful to me that I’ll probably still use the script even if and when the problem is resolved.
I made a quick demo - which shows the script working in to states - 1) with the mouse movement set to slow (so you can see the mouse pointer moving), and 2) muse movement set to fast.

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In June 2022 @shotcut suggested to use Ctrl+D to get rid of the rectangle control in the Player layout.

It worked fine in 2022 versions of Shotcut, and I think it was an easy and intuitive way to remove the rectangle control after switching the layout.

But it doesn’t work anymore in 2024. While using Ctrl+D still visually deselects the clip, the filter stays active.

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Both of these issues are fixed for the next version 24.06 (broke in v24.02).


Thanks so much, @shotcut.