Bring back the ability to move the playhead by clicking an empty space

I just upgraded to Shotcut version 23.12.15 from a mid-2023 version. Before the upgrade, I was able to move the playhead to any on-sceen position clicking on an empty space. This was so important to me that I just kept an empty track around just to have a massive clickable area to jump around.

In the new version, this doesn’t work anymore: when I click on an empty space, nothing happens. The only way to move the playhead is to click on the tiny strip with the time progress at the top.

Am i missing something or was the feature removed? If so: I BEG YOU to bring it back!

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Turn off Settings > Timeline > Rectangle Select
Please read and search a little next time.


This is something to get used to. Like any change.
Since I love the new Rectangle Selection tool, I don’t want to disable it. And I’m starting to get rid of the habit of clicking inside the Timeline to move the playhead. I’m slowly picking up the instinct to click on the top band of the timeline or use the Shift key while clicking.

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Adding a new feature that forces users to break out of years of muscle memory or go through extra steps keep the old UI controls is a bold move. Usually when a new feature is added the old controls remain the same for the majority of users who have muscle memory, while curious users can still opt into the new controls (going to settings to turn on the rectangle select or holding shift to rectangle select instead of the other way around). It was a little odd when the devs said they are going to force everyone to opt out of the new feature if they don’t like it but I’m sure they have their reasons.

Thanks @TAZUTRA. I learned something new.
Never thought to check if the Shift key would temporarily activate Rectangle Selection when it is disabled in the settings.
It does! This is real nice.

I got used to this pretty quickly. It makes sense to me too, since if I’m clicking on sources on the timeline, I want to drag them or do something with them. Lots of programs that I use require clicking in the header area with the numbers and lines, so it wasn’t a problem for me to get used to.