Breathing montage from stock media using Slideshow Generator

This is a montage of stock media created using the Slideshow Generator in Shotcut’s Playlist panel. It is also an experiment to see what happens with monetization when including royalty free audio from Amphibious Zoo. Monetization is not available to you the creator when using the free Amphibious Zoo music donated to Shotcut users. I would not be surprised at all if other free stock media does the same. This restriction does not limit you being able to publish on YouTube, and you can still monetize in other places where there is no content identification systems in place (for example, broadcast TV with ads).

P.S. The stock video assets come from videvo, which are not only the free clips (I have a paid subscription).


Is this the video you use to chase out thoughts of despair whenever a new upstream library bug is found? :grin:

Very nice composition! I never tried the slide-show-effect for video clips, used it only for still images. I recognized a kind of stuttering in the first cloud scene (at 1:30) - wonder if its only my monitor or a general problem of ‘wrong’ fps-setting of the clip. This can happen when the fps-setting doesn’t fit into the monitors frequency of 60 Hz, like most monitors use.

The videos had 3 different frame rates: 23.98, 25, 29.97

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