Bouncing ball lyrics!

Following this thread,

as an experiment I tried animating “bouncing ball lyrics”.

Here’s the result. The keyframing isn’t perfect because I took a short-cut and copied some of the bouncing ball clips instead of adjusting them exactly, so the red ball is not quite in sync with the words all the time. With more time I could have got it more accurate! :

I also made another demo, to allow users to follow the flute part of the Radestky March by Johann Strauss II. Played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Method for the bouncing ball:

3 SPR filters.

  1. To animate the horizontal movement with keyframes. I activated a 2 x 2 guide to easily move exclusively in a horizontal direction.
  2. (No keyframes) - This is to lower the ball to just above the line of lyrics. Once set, I didn’t change it.
  3. To animate the vertical movement with keyframes. Again, I used the 2 x 2 grid to easily move exclusively in a vertical direction.

To help syncing to the words I put a transparent clip on a higher track, played the video and pressed “S” in time with the music, pressing “S” to coincide with key words of the lyrics.
Then crucially I moved the transparent clips 4 frames ahead (to the left) because I’ve learned from experience that if you press “S” on the fly it results in the split points being 4 frames behind…

Then I did this: keyfame horizontal movement: advance to the next split point (I’ve set up keyboard shortcuts Q and W to do this (Q to go back, W to go forward) and each time I advance, I position the red ball horizontally over the appropriate lyric.

Then the vertical movement. On each key word, the position needs to be zero, but in between each word I set a random vertical position of between -30 and -100 pixels.
It’s a bit fiddly but I made the complete video (including adding the lyrics) in about an hour.

My timeline:

A demo showing the 3 SPR filters in action:


Bravo @jonray. I find this effect very appropriate and effective on the Radetzky March partition. Nice work, though it requires a lot of time. :+1:

Bravo @jonray. Je trouve cet effet très pertinent et efficace sur la partition de Radetzky March. Beau travail qui demande cependant beaucoup de temps. :+1:

Astucieux le clip transparent découpé pour donner la position du mot.
J’ai aussi appris le décalage de 4 images du au temps de réaction.
Merci @jonray :wink:

Clever transparent clip cut to give the position of the word.
I also learned about the 4 frame delay due to reaction time.
Thanks @jonray :wink:

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Wow, that’s really nice! I can’t seem to find this advance to next split point in the Actions and Shortcuts. What’s it called in there?

The three SPR filters are a super clean of organizing this. I wish it was as easy to animate this way inside Glaxnimate. I don’t know if you all have tried it much, but you can export Glaxnimate animations in shotcut super fast compared to images or clips with shotcut filters added. If I had the timing of each syllable ahead of time, I’m not yet sure how I could easily edit RAWR files to bounce a ball over words, but I’ll probably be looking into that. Either that or a thread-ripping beast of a PC :wink:

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Hi @sandman, thanks! The feature is called “skip next”. As you can see I assign W to skip next and Q to skip previous. You can whizz through a complex project easily with just Q and W (instead of the cumbersome Alt+right and Alt+left)


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Thank you! Yes, a lot of time!! Wish there was an easier way!
Merci! Oui, beaucoup de temps !! J’aurais aimé qu’il y ait un moyen plus simple !

Thank you. I hit upon the idea of making splits to locate key words. One of my better ideas … :upside_down_face: :wink:
Merci. J’ai eu l’idée de faire des fractionnements pour localiser les mots clés. Une de mes meilleures idées…

Shotcut is brilliant how you can press S when in play mode and it cuts clips on the fly.
Shotcut est génial : vous pouvez appuyer sur S en mode lecture et couper des clips à la volée.